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Last swimsuit of the season

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BEACH final

Hi guys!  Remember me?  Been a while, I know.  Sorry about that.  I would give you some line about how “I’m back”…but we all know that never seems to be the case.  It seems like I can’t stay healthy long enough to keep blogging on a regular basis.  SO…let’s just say we are gonna take it one day at a time.  And I will blog as I can.

I find it kind of odd that the last thing I blogged was a swimsuit.  And here I am blogging one again.  As I am sure I explained in that post, swimsuits are not my favorite apparel.  It just seems like they all look alike.  And although I actually did buy several this year, I ended up blogging one from the same creator as last year…Sn@tch!  I really liked this bikini.  It was a little different from the others and came with a bunch of bright colors that were REALLY beautiful.  In fact, I have really gotten to where I look for Snatch at every sale I go to.  They just seem to have really nice, different clothing that is reasonable priced and comes in a ton of color choices.  SO…what’s not to love?

I had been planning on doing a swimsuit blog, but after I saw this hair at ARGRACE, I was really motivated to get it together.  I had not seen a wet hair before and I loved it.  It comes in several different colors but I went with the browns.  They also have a short version available too, unisex.  So check them out.

To go with the wet hair, I needed some water for my Maitreya body and I remembered that I had some from Izzie’s.  The water really completed the look.  She has some for both body and face and has appliers for many types of mesh heads and mesh bodies.  Izzie has been coming out with lots of different mods for skins for our new mesh bodies and Mesh heads (and some classic avi’s too) such as:  Body and Face Beach Sand, Body and Face Sunburn, Body Freckles, Body glitter, Knee Wounds, Smeared Lipstick and Dirt, just to name a few.  Be sure to stop by her store to check out the full range of body and face appliers that she has available.  You can also take a look at her latest releases at:  https://izzies.wordpress.com/  I am also wearing her Cowrie Shell set with this bikini.  It includes Color change cowrie shells, laces, metals and beads for the necklace, choker, earrings and bracelet.  It is a really beautifully done set and looks great with casuals, summer looks or your favorite boho outfit.

The other thing I love about this look is the sandals/anklets from LIKE DESIGN .  They are only listed as Flatfeet Anklet Version 1.  But I have since then bought a different set labeled Highfeet Anklet Version 1 and Highfeet Anklet Version 2.  All of these sets are absolutely beautiful and come in a number of available colors via a HUD.  I have a feeling I will be using them quite frequently.

And that’s it for this post.  I hope you enjoyed it a little and I am TRULY hoping to see you VERY soon.  Have a wonderful end of summer.  Until next time…



Swimsuit:  Sn@tch – Batik Halter Bikinis

*Water Drops:  Izzie’s – Body & Face Waterdrops (brighter drops on face)  Izzie’s – Waterdrops (Nose/Mouth)


Sandals/Anklets  .: LIKE DESIGN :.  – Flatfeet Anklet V1 Maitreya L

Eyes:  ::DS:: (Dulce Secrets) – Dappled Seafoam Eyes (L)

Lashes:  FATEwear – FATElashes v2.0

*Jewelry:  Izzie’s – Cowrie Shell Bracelet, Cowrie Shell Choker, Cowrie Shell Earrings, Cowrie Shell Necklace (long)

Body:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Feet V3.5, Maitreya Mesh Body – Hand R V3.5, Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

Skin:  7 Deadly Skins -Marina Caramel v2 CL

Nails:  ZOZ – Stripes White tip Polish

Beach Ball pose:  Purple Poses


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