Thanks for taking a few moments to view the About page of my blog!  I will try to keep it brief….but I will have to admit that can be hard for me.

I first started blogging when I began to publish my daily devotions to my then only SL partner, Vanish on his blog TGIB.  I had posted something each day on my profile for him…for him to “track daily” and so when I began to officially blog them on TGIB I put them under the category “TD” for Tracked Daily.  You can still find those entries here on this blog.

A while later, I began to follow the 52 weeks of color challenge (1) that was started by Luna Jubillee and decided to give it a whirl…and there you have it!  El Firecaster became a “real” fashion blogger!

Vanish and I continued our relationship in SL to the point that it HAD to spill over into RL and we are now together as a couple in both worlds!  I have enjoyed the last 6 years or so of our life together immensely and there is seldom a moment that we are not together, in any world.  We shared the TGIB website together for the last couple of years, until now, it has come to the point that it is better for us to branch off into “sister sites”…:)  I have tried to keep as much of the look and feel of the old TGIB website as I possible can.  I hope you enjoy the new site and if you have ANY questions, feel free to contact me on the form provided on this “About” page…and I will reply as soon as possible.  Until later…

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