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Miss Applebum Collage

Hi Guys!  Here I am doing my second post and already at a loss for a title….SO….I decided to go with Miss Applebum, the name of this cute little dress by La Gazza Ladra. The owner and creator of La Gazza Ladra just happens to be the same owner of B!asta, a familiar name.  I am not sure why she wanted 2 stores, but I like what I am seeing thus far.  I picked this dress up at a previous sales event.  I remember it came in several colors, but I liked this one the best.  What I liked best about the dress was the sexy feel of it.  When I first saw it, I thought someone had missed something in post editing….and then I realized the skin showing in the hip area is supposed to be on purpose!  And then I loved it.  I liked the idea of an outfit that seemed to be made of several different pieces of cloth, loosely sewn together.  It was unusually hot here that day, and I thought that something like this would be SO cool and comfortable, not to mention….SEXY!

It is a mesh dress, but because of the wholes at the hips (front and back) it did not work with my Maitreya Mesh Body.  (Insert sad face here!  I am getting SO spoiled to not having to do all that tedious post editing!)  I have NO idea if it would work with another or not, but it would not work with Lara.  But I loved it enough, that I was willing to put my old SL body on and take pictures!  I will add here, that due to the nature of the dress, being made of several different pieces (so it seems) it was somewhat hard to find poses that did not make the dress look strange.  I have not found that to be a problem while wearing it around the grid and shopping, so I am sure it has something to do with static posing….but just thought I would let you guys know.)

This skin is from 7 Deadly S{k}ins.  It is amazing what a new skin, a new hair and a couple of accessories can do to change a girls look!  I have seen 7 Deadly S{k}ins at several of the sales events I go to each week and began to notice what nice skins they had a while back.  They have exceptional Group Gifts and several Gatchas, Camping chairs and always have a good sale going on right there in their store, not to mention at various sales events, including Hello Tuesday.

And speaking of Hello Tuesday, No.Match is also a participant and where I picked up this awesome hair.  It is incredible what bangs will do to change a girls looks!  ( If you are not familiar with Hello Tuesday, the stores are located outside of Cosmopolitan and they have some REALLY great sales, available on Tuesdays ONLY, of course.  To keep up with ALLLLL the sales, be sure and update your feeds with Seraphim.  I am not sure how a SL girl lives without it!)  No Match has some really nice styles and great textures.  They catch my eye every time!

Miss Applebum 007


Skin:  7 Deadly S{K}ins – Irene, Cleavage

Hair:  No.Match – NO.POWER

Dress:  La Gazza Ladra (by B!asta)LGL  – Miss Applebum – Lake

Mesh Hands and Feet:  Slink –  Avatar Enhancement Hands and Feet

Lips Tatoo:  Tuli Skins [:T:] – Parted lips 7 (Tuli has a whole set of open mouth tattoos available for FREE on the Marketplace.)

Eyeliner:  MONS / Makeups – Eyeliner Lux – grass  (I bought this from a previous round of The Dressing Room Fusion.  I do not know if they are still available at MONS, but I sure hope so!  They are SO cute…you are gonna want them!)

Mesh Lashes:  Gaeline Creations – Mesh Lashes Divina (These mesh lashes were bought a long time ago…I am not sure if they will still be available.  If they are still available, I think you will really like them.  They come with a nice HUD that makes adjusting them much easier. Please check at the Mainstore for further information.)

Bracelet:  B’Leaf – Bracelet Eagle  (I THINK I found this at a recent sales event I went to a while back.  It comes with a matching ring…I did not get a pic of it…sorry…it matches the eagle perfectly…I really like it!  While shopping around, I have seen a few things recently from B’Leaf and I am impressed.  They are someone I will be watching.)

Flats:  Pure Poison – Erica Flats – Beige & White (These cute little flats came in many colors and I THINK they were available at one point in a Gatcha at the Main Store.  Pure Poison is really good about having TONS of group gifts and group gatchas.)

Necklace and Ring:  ^^Swallow^^ – Necklace HeartWings (This set comes with a texture change HUD and gives you several different metal options.  I am really liking the things I am seeing from Swallow.  Many of their sets have a Vintage or Goth feel to them….kind of setting them apart….really nice!  They are ALSO a participant in the Hello Tuesday Sales Event.)

Eyes:  IKON Spectral Eyes – Aqua

Slink Mesh Nails:  Flair – Set 144 (If you have not been to Flair Nails, you need to take a look at what they are doing.  I have several different styles of nails that I like, and Flair is great for clean lines and classic looks.)

Poses:  BellePoses – Lanna (BellePoses have really affordable, nice poses.  They usually participate in the Hello Tuesday Sale and you can get their already REALLY affordable poses, even MORE affordable.)

Location:  The Vinyard at Checkmate  (This was a quaint little site that had a nice beach area as well as the beautiful vineyards.  It had a really peaceful feel and was great for taking pictures.  Check it out!)

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