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50 Shades of Sexy – Bad Romance

Posted By on February 19, 2013 in 50 SOS | 0 comments

 SOS-Bad Romance B_001


Lingerie:  Vita’s Boudoir – Find Another Fool, corsage, panties, stockings, satin black gloves, garters, harnes, pearls necklace, pearls tiara, chest ribbon, garter left & right ribbons, satin ruffles skirt ( I LOVE Vita’s Boudoir! If you are looking for something different…something on the edge….unlike most all other stuff on the grid…this is your place. Mostly clothing, but also a few other things…like furniture and accessories, hair…etc. REALLY nice!)

Tattoo tears:  The Little Bat – Raven Tears (2.0) (Had to have some tears for a “Bad Romance”, no?  SO glad to see I had this tattoo layer lost in my inventory!  That way I got to keep the skin I wanted and still get the LOOK I wanted.)

*Lipstick:  Izzie’s – Lipstick rust (I sometimes feel bad about using lipstick from one skin designer with another skin designers skin, but this shade was EXACTLY what I wanted and there are few designers I know that make lipstick as well as Izzie.  Her lipcolors can be used with almost any size lip (or at least the ones I use…and I admit, I do not do unusually LARGE lips…so if you do, this might be problematic, not sure) but they blend SO well and she has so many beautiful colors.  I would have to say her lipcolors are comparable to some designers I know that do nothing but makeup.  They are exceptional!  Be sure and check out the new pack of lipgloss she recently released.  SO many nice variations of gloss!)

*Hair:  **Pocket Mirrors** – Marion Curly Copper (Pocket Mirrors does the best “period piece” hair on the grid…and then some!

Shoes:  N-core – COQUETTE “Black”

Lashes:  Glow Studio – Lashes Italia (sweet)

*Skin:   {.essences.} – Maria skin *Vivante red* Makeup 01, Maria Cleavage Vivante, Blush: nude  (I love this skin from essences.  Inka was one of the first designers I noticed that came out with this “ginger” color of eyebrow and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  It is just perfect for my red hair!  And I DO love to wear red!)

*Eyes:  IKON – Eternal Eyes – Pewter (L)

*Pose Prop:  PurplePoses – sexy chair (The chair comes with several nice poses.)

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