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50 Shades of Sexy-Pour Some Sugar On Me

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 It’s official.  I am WAY behind on the 50 Shades of Sexy Blogger Challenge.  I should already be onto the NEXT week, but I kinda got stuck on this one…had a few things comes up in RL that kinda set me behind in my blogging and it does not seem to take much to blow it all to hell!  But as I tried to come up with something for this challenge, I just could not think of one single thing for “Pour some sugar on me”…well…white.  That was the ONLY thing I could think of…but there was nothing else that I could think of that had to do with sugar and sexy for this challenge.  So rather than get even farther behind, I decided to stick with white and go with more of a Valentine’s Day theme.

I had read another blog that mentioned some lingerie that they had found on Marketplace for only 10 Lindens!!!  And so I decided to check it out and found out that {Etiquette} had some adorable little lingerie sets for only TEN LINDENS!  Who could pass that up?  Not a compulsive SL hoarder like me!  SO, I pretty much grabbed at LEAST one style in every color, including this “one piece” white set that just seemed so sweet and innocent that it qualified for “sugar”…:)  I paired it with some pink sexy laced stilettos from Baby Monkey, a GORGEOUS pink heart set with changeable metals from WTG ,(It includes a necklace not shown here and another set of matching earrings…and it is REALLY a shame that you cannot see the absolutely amazing nails that go with it!  The entire set is phenomenal!) and cute short hair with colorable streaks from A&A with the February group gift from Hush Skins.

I was not sure what pose to use for this, when I came across this adorable pose prop featured on the 60 Linden Weekend Sales from Katink…and I was in love!  I think it is by far the CUTEST pose prop for Valentine’s Day that I have seen in a long time!  So naturally, I knew I was going to pose with my wonderful partner Vanish, but I had NO idea what he should wear.  SO I thought about just having him totally naked… from the waist up anyway.  And then he told me to wait a sec…and he put this on!  It was perfect!  I have seen him wear it before and I always think he truly looks like an angel in it, if not even god-like, but in this pose….oh man…I just melt!  Bare Rose is almost ALL Vanish will wear anymore.  And who can blame him?  The style and attention that June Dion puts to each outfit is INCREDIBLE.  They are always SO reasonably priced with TONS of colors and options, ensuring that anyone on the grid can look like a million bucks!  They have almost every style imaginable and you can always find what you are looking for, whether that is something more fantasy-like…such as this one or a period piece (V LOVES their pirate-like outfits) to futuristic cyber punk!

This is our FOURTH Valentine’s Day together! (Can you believe it?  I didn’t…LOL  But after MUCH calculations and persuading on V’s part, I have come to believe it is true!)  Each year with Vanish just gets better and better.  He has held my heart in his capable hands for so long now, that I have almost forgotten what it feels like to be apart from him!  And I NEVER want to find that out!  My dear, sweet V…you are the love of my life!  You mean the world to me.  I am proud and honored to be your partner, in every world that we share!  May we have MANY more V Days together.  And a life filled with love and caring.  Happy Valentine’s Day, my angel….

SOS-sugar A_012


 {Etiquette} – depravity top, bottom (straps), bottom, stockings – all white
*Shoes:  Baby Monkey (BM) – Jaimee Pump
*LipGloss:  Izzie’s – Glossy Lip Highlights 1
*Jewelry:  +:+WTG+:+ – **sweet heart** bangles, choker, earpierces ll, jeweled nails
*Hair:  Alli & Ali (A&A) – Sonja Hair 10
Skin:  [HUSH] Valentine – Pink – Honey (db), Valentine – Lashes (bottom), Lashes (top)
*Eyes:   IKON – ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Bleached Blue L


Skin & tattoos:  Made by Vanish
Hair:  No longer available
Outfit including wings:  Bare Rose Tokyo

Pose Prop:  Katink – Hold My Heart

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