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Brick Red….And of Being a Quitter!

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Well….here we are WELL past the end of the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge and I am STILL challenged! And honestly with the way things are going in my life, I am not really sure that I would be able to finish the challenge before the end of the year! It is not really that my life is SUPER complicated at the time, it is just that my life is such, that the LEAST little thing sends me over the top and it BECOMES very complicated! It seems it has been that way for the last several years….mostly medical problems with some emotional things thrown in there for good measure. But when I met V MANY of my emotional problems ceased and after I came here to be with him my health improved to the point that I thought I MIGHT, just MIGHT be normal…and decided to take a German class.

That’s all…just one simple German class. But it DID involve me driving almost an hour each way 3 times a week for a 3 hour class, putting me home fairly late. That’s all…something that most of us do…or MORE, much more each week, but about 4 weeks into the class my health started to decline. I BARELY had ANY time to do my blogging…and if I DID have time, I just wanted to sleep. And then when I finally DID log in, my inventory was bulging and enlarged to the point of total frustration. I spent all of my spare time organizing it and once it was organized…well it was time to go back to class.

Before I could really get a handle on it all, I was about ½ through the class and it started to get really HARD! When I first started the class I was nervous about it, but easily started to learn and SPEAK some German, leading me into the FALSE assumption that this might be easier than I had anticipated. NOPE! Once we got to “verbklammers” I was at a total loss and before I could get THAT particular grammar down we would have another that blew me away!

Speaking of being blown away…about 3 weeks ago…when I only had 3 weeks left of school….the cold that has disabled half of the community in which we live, decided to FLY through our home, claiming me (and later V) as vicitm. That was it. I had had enough!

Vanish and I often talk about SERIOUS things….church, religion, politics, physcology and the demise of mankind.(And we still love each other, hard to imagine, I know!)   He often talks to me regarding theories of Carl Jung and others that he has read. And he agrees with them, that America tends to be a nation of heroes and hero worship. I laughed when he first told me about it. That was absolutely absurd. We were no such thing. But after more long nights of discussion, I began to think that he might (or Jung might) be right about this after all. We DO tend to LOOK for heroes. We want to BE heroes. And when we find a hero…we DO worship them. They are everywhere….all over the cover of every magazine and on every talk show imaginable. And I worship them too. I am guilty!

But even as a young adult, there was one thing of which I was certain: I was no hero. I never would be. I always wanted to help. And I always wanted to “make a difference”. But I knew that I did not have what it took to be one. I was too practical. I always looked at things and calculated the risks before taking them. And if I found the risks to be too great, most of the time I would not attempt it. Don’t get me wrong…it is not as though I never took risks…and if I took the time to tell you all that I have done in my life, you might be surprised at how “unconventional” it has been…and continues to be.

That being said, I have decided to “quit” the 52WOCC. Yes, it is true, I am a quitter…:/ I will always be grateful that the challenge got me “out there” and blogging fashion. I love it. And it is not that I COULD NOT finish the challenge…obviously all it would take is for me to finish the last few colors and be done with it. It is just that with all the other things going on in my life, it has become hard for me to do it. There are so many other things that I WANT to blog about, but they are not the right color, so I become frustrated, almost to the point of dreading it and not wanting to do it anymore. And that is not what blogging should be about. So…I am going to continue blogging the things I love, as I can and hope that this will breathe new life into my blogging.

That being said, let’s take a look at the last thing I will blog for the challenge. It is “Brick Red”. I have had these pictures done and ready to go for almost a month now and just have not had the will to write the dialogue. I hope that you will take one last look at my 52WOCC blog…and wave good by as we look forward to what is to come!

This lovely dress came to me from Paris Metro. I have been a fan of Paris Metro for quite some time now. They have such beautiful flowing dresses and when I saw this one, I knew I had found my “Brick Red”. The dress is certainly elegant enough and the mask that comes with it gives it an element of intrigue. But the thing I like the best is the bodice. It is SO sheer you can see through it. The trim that runs along the length of the bodice along with a few stratigically placed diamond shapes will hide MOST of the nipple area, for those of you that might be concerned about such things. But that is the element of the bodice that I like that most! It is elegant while remaining sexy, sometimes a hard thing to do!

The skin you see here is from one of my favorite skin designers, YS&YS. I am ALWAYS pleased with YS&YS skin. She just seems to put extra attention to the little places that can be problems in skins, such as ears, nose, hands….etc. This particular skin is “Alice” and was purchased at The Dressing Room.

WTG Jewellers is rapidly becoming one of my favorite “elegant” jewelers. His creations are really outstanding and the attention he pays to details, especially to nails, is incredible! His creations always feel “rich and heavy”…and most of all…REAL! Many of his pieces come with a color change menu, making them even more versatile! His jewelry should really be a “must have” for any girls wardrobe! And he has men’s pieces too!

The hair featured here is from Exile. It is an older piece that I had in my inventory, but as you can see it STILL has the beauty and flow for which Exile is known.

These gorgeous shoes are from Purr-fect 10. And they ARE perfect for this outfit. Who could pass up a Ruby red stiletto with ankle straps and a rose at the lower outside of the shoe? These too are a “staple” in my wardrobe, they have been there for a while, but P-10 continues to make some of the finest shoes on the grid. And as a bonus, for each full price pair of shoes bought, you will also get a basic black pair of the same shoe! Be sure and check out P-10.

The look was pulled together with lashes from Redgrave and eyes by Fashism. Poses were by Purple Poses and the pictures were taken at Mad Ninjaz, a quaint little site I stumbled upon quite by accident!

And there you have Brick Red. For those of you who take the time to read this blog…Thank you. Your continued support and kind words have truly held me up during the hard times and have given me the encouragement I need to continue. I am looking forward to many new blogposts to share….Until then…Tschüß


Gown: Paris Metro – Masquerade Ball- Brushed Ruby-Upper,Pants,Waist Belt,Mask,Collar,Skirt,Gloves*
Necklace and Earrings: +:+WTG+:+ – **Plume**-*
Hair:  Exile – Love Story/sahara
Eyelashes: *REDGRAVE* – 31- ExtraLong
Shoes: P10 – Serenity Lazy Sunday Rose Heels
Skin:  *YS & YS* –  Alice – Rouge TDR
Eyes: FASHISM – ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Grey (L)*
Poses: Purple Poses*
Location: Mad Ninjaz


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