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Liver…..Not to Eat!!!

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Well…here we are….almost at the end of the 52 weeks of color challenge and I just seem to keep getting farther and farther behind. Each week I will VOW to myself to catch up…and even think that I can SEE an end in sight….and low and behold…something will happen that will keep it from occurring. Anyhow…at this rate, I am hoping to be caught up and finished with the challenge sometime in mid January 2012…:/

But whining and crying does not a post make…so…here we go. I decided to try something a little different this week. I have recently come across a few nice items from Zoe’s Garden and I decided to try to combine my “fashion” posting with some “decor” items. I had recently acquired a nifty little sky platform from Props n Poses. It was not anything that you could buy in their store, it was just a little something that one of the creators had made and offered to share with those of us that happened to be listening in to group chat that day. (Did I tell you how you should put one of those 42 group slots to good use by becoming a PNP member??? You will NOT regret it!) It was “grass” textured and so I took the lovely Weeping Cherry Tree and the Reading Nook that I had gotten from Zoes Garden, placed them on the platform and started shooting.

The poses that you see used on the Reading Nook are included with it. The standing pose is by D!va and is free, as are several other really cute poses! I hope you can get a feel for the Reading Nook, it comes with 2 different prop books, is loaded with several different laying and sitting poses and I LOVED the red little vine that runs across the back of it. It is also lit, so that is makes a LOVELY place to lay and read at night! The Weeping Cherry Tree is in the background and I hope you can see it behind me in several of the shots. It is TRULY lovely and comes in 4 additional shades, Green, Pink, Purple, Fall and the White that is shown in the pics.

When I heard that the color for this week’s challenge was going to be “Liver”…I was in a panic! I was not even sure what color liver was…even after looking at the color swatch I was still confused. But it was my good fortune that week that I ran across this little outfit from “Graffitiwear”. It was an unusual color to me…and so…I decided to call it liver. I HATE that something SOOOO incredibly cute should be called something that brings up so many unpleasant thoughts for so many of us…but what’s a girl to do???

It is a fairly simple denim outfit, but the textures are SO lovely. The lace on the top LOOKS and FEELS like real lace! And when I tried on the shoes and socks…..oh my…..that was all it took! I am a HUGE fan of stilettos….usually the taller the better. But these little flats were SOOOO adorable and the fluffy socks that went with them made me feel SO feminine!

I felt like this little white belt from E D E N completed the outfit.  The belt comes in white (shown) pink, blue and green.

I was a little concerned about what skin to wear with the outfit. I was not sure that I would have something “young and innocent” enough for it. And then I came upon this skin from JeSyLiLo and those pretty red cheeks, untouched lips and dark brows were just what I was looking for.

This cute little updo/ponytail with color change headband is from Beautiful…Dirty…Rich. I loved the way the long bangs fell down just touching the tops of my eyes…and this beautiful blonde color (Along with the dark eyebrows from the skin) gave one the impression that perhaps this young lady was NOT as sweet and innocent as she may appear!

Nails are from Finesmith Designs, eyes are from Fashism, lashes from Ema’s Secret and necklace is from Favole.

And there you have my rendition of liver. I am hoping within the next few days I will be able to post “Firebrick”…and then be SOMEWHAT caught up in time to do “Bronze”…so many colors….so little time….

Until the next time we meet….be challenged!

Outfit: Graffitiwear – Comfy Cozy Top, Skirt, Crumpled lace socks, Lilac Denim Ladies Loafers*
Reading Nook and Weeping Cherry Tree: Zoe’s Garden*
Eyelashes:Ema’s Secret– Eyelash Sun
Hair: …:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… Rinoa Hair Platinum I*
Necklace: ::{Favole}:: Rise Scripted *Chest*
Pose: D!va
Belt: E d e n. – studded belt (white)*
Nails: Finesmith NailsL 20 Solid White*
Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::Niran:::*PaleSkin**
Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Cool Silver (L)*

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