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Well…as is usually the case with growing up, there are a few minor things that go wrong from time to time and require a little attention to correct it. So it is with some trepidation that I gladly announce that THIS time I am a “Big Girl Blogger” and have finally gotten my blog syndicated with Virtual Fashion Feed. There were a few hiccups, but thanks to the kind people at VFF and the brilliance of my partner, Vanish, we got them solved and should be up and running. And what better post should that happen with than Chartreuse!

Little did I know when I called “Electric Lime” Chartreuse that I would be eating those words a few weeks later! The first time I had a hard time finding what I thought would be a fitting entry for Electric Lime, but this time I had the good fortune to have stumbled across Adiva Couture. Many of you may have heard of Adiva Couture before. It is my understanding that it was in SL sometime back and then due to RL circumstances the wonderful creator, AnneJoy Paine had to take a leave of absence. But I am pleased to know that she is back in SL and if she was ever better than she is right now, it is hard for me to imagine! She truly almost puts out a new design daily!

Adiva Couture is, at this time, comprised of two different stores; one location here for gowns and special occasion and one here for everyday and casual. As you can see from this entry in Chartreuse, AnneJoy goes above and beyond with each design and includes little “extras” such as jewelry, belts, glasses, purses and even hair! In this particular case she has included the belt, necktie, earrings and eyeglasses! (Don’t you just adore those glasses?!?!) All things that REALLY make the outfit! She makes looking good easy! Thanks Anne! I don’t know what I would have done without your Chartreuse Cutie!

Looking for skin for my 50’s-ish Cutie made me think of fair skin, simple eyes and RED lips. It just so happens that I bought a skin not too long ago from YS&YS at TDR that fit the bill. YS&YS has become one of my FAVORITE skin designers. In fact, most anything I wear, I can find a YS&YS skin to match it! So you may be hearing a lot more about YS&YS from me!

Quite some time back I had bought a hairstyle from Vanity Hair that I tucked away in my inventory waiting for the right time to wear it…and that time has arrived. When I tried it on with the outfit I knew I had found just what I was looking for to create my 50’s look! Vanity hair has SO many hairstyles that are SO different and unique.  It truly places them in a hair category all their own!

Shoes I knew could be a real problem with this outfit. Of course, I could always wear just plain black or white, but wouldn’t a little Chartreuse be nice down there on my feet? I wanted some wedges. And so I began to look thru the wedges in my inventory when I came across these from SSUS (She’s So Unusual Shoes). I have blogged once before about these shoes. In fact, I think it was the first time I blogged about Adiva Couture, but what is SOOOO nice about these shoes is the ability to change colors. Yes, yes I know. You can do that with almost ANY shoe now days you say? This is true, but these will let you change the main part, the bow AND the tie to three different colors. Still not impressed? These shoes will let you perfectly match whatever you are wearing by using the RGB menu! No longer will you have to settle for a CLOSE shade of green…you can have CHARTREUSE! And tomorrow you can have Melon! I LOVE having that kind of control in my clothing…especially in a shoe! So these have to be my FAVORITE wedges!

My nails this week are my favorite french tip from Logo & Kin and the eyes…as always are from Fashism.

The cool backgrounds that you see in my pictures are provided by PNP.  The poses that you see are ones that were provided in the photostudio that was GIVEN AWAY as a free gift from PNP.  You never know what will just be GIVEN to those listening in on PNP group chat.  So…if you are not a PNP member….you NEED to be.  And if you are….be sure and listen to group chat while you are in world.  You never know what might be falling into your lap.  Today the group was given a free facial HUD.  I can’t wait to use it in some of my pics!

And there you have this weeks color, Chartreuse. Next week (next week= the next color in the challenge) is…..Liver! Yep….you heard me right. In a challenge that has consisted of more food colors than any I have seen, liver STILL takes the cake. As I thought about liver….I think a lot of that depends on the age of the liver and whether or not it was cooked…ewww….I know…I know. Anyway…all I can say is that I have found the CUTEST little outfit to go with “liver”….and while I am not at ALL sure that it is actually liver color, based on some of the “liver” outfits I have seen thus far, I think we are ok…:))

Until then….be challenged.


Top, Shorts, Necktie, Earrings, Belt, and Eyeglasses: aDiva couture – Little Cutie Chartreuse*
Shoes: SSUS – Peeptoe Wedge
Skin: *YS & YS* Alice – Rouge TDR
Nails: Logo & Kin – Square Tip
Hair: Vanity Hair – Alice-Teen Blonde
Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Green (L)*
Backgrounds and poses: PNP*

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