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Apricot…..my fav’s

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Man oh man! Is anyone else as far behind as I am? It seems like the more I try to get ahead…the farther behind I get! I guess a LOT of it stems from the fact that I took a day “off” from taking and editing pictures and worked on getting my house in order. And I have to admit…it was SO fun! I really enjoyed placing the furniture in there that I had bought AGES ago. And I am no where near done with it, but I HAD to go to bed. And so that…combined with multiple RL appointments this week has put me posting “Apricot” when I should be posting “Jazzberry”.

To top it all off, my pretty little lingerie set that WAS a soft kind of pink/apricot/nude/peach….just turned all kind of funky colors when it was photographed and edited….<sigh> So I ADMIT….this is my Apricot post, that is not quite Apricot. I am guilty. But it was too late to change it and I honestly am not sure there is anything else in my wardrobe that would qualify any better as Apricot, so I will just have to post this as a post of some of my many favorites.

OKAY….I know each week I talk about “my favorite” this or that…and I DOOOOOO love each item I blog, but this week, there are some things in here that I really, REALLY love. So let me take a minute to share them with you.

One of my all time favorite designers is Lestat Reuven. I just LOVE her clean lines and beautiful gowns. And she even has/had (not sure if she is going to put them out at her new shop or not) a small line of skins that I really like and have worn several times during my 52WOCC posts. So you can imagine my dismay when I thought that she had left SL forever! I would look up her profile and look for a LM to her store, Siss Boom and there was just not one. FINALLY…I got a notice that Siss Boom had returned!!  I was SO excited! We lose SO many talented designers and I was heartsick to think that one of my fav’s was gone.  But now I can breath easy!   Siss Boom has periodic sales that are well worth stopping by the store for.  I found this lingerie set on sale and just fell in love with it.  And her gowns always impress me.  Some of my most beloved gowns are Lestat Reuven gowns!

Recently I picked up a YS&YS skin from TDR and a love affair was born! I know that people are always swearing by a certain skin that they LOVE…or a designer that is better than all the rest, and while there were a couple that I liked really well, I was not really certain that a certain designer would have a skin that I liked better than ANY other on the grid. I was wrong.

I wish I could tell you what it was, but there is just SOMETHING about YS&YS skins that I love. They fit my avi like NO other…and when it comes to taking pictures, they outshine all the others. Shadows just seem to be where they are supposed to be…my ears don’t look dirty…and my nose…omg….my NOSE…it looks like a nose! <takes a deep breath> I am spoiled! I just LOOOOOOVE their skins. They make my life easier…and they make my avi look GOOD! What more could a girl want?

I have TONSSSSSS of hair. I mean GOBBBBBS of hair. I love hair. I model hair for Alli and Ali and I LOVE their hair and they have several designs that I just adore. But I have ONE hair in my folder that is my ALL time favorite and it is from Dernier Cri. This hair is just GORGEOUS! It falls across my face in sweet loose curls, covering one eye that just makes me feel SOOOO sexy! It comes with a color HUD that allows you to SEE the color you are choosing and keeps from cluttering up your inventory with 20 different hair colors. It flows and moves when I walk just like hair would in RL! It is just a BEAUTIFUL hair and I am SO glad to have it in my inventory!

I have recently ran across a new jeweler in SL that has REALLY impressed me. It is WTG Jewelers. The sets that they put together are AMAZING! And the nails that come with them, are truly a work of art! I have not seen any like them on the grid. The detail and attention that is paid to each nail is truly remarkable. This set is one of my very favorites from him. (So far, I have a feeling I will have MANY favorites to come!) But this set is gold toned with a white inlay. The nails have an almost lace-like pattern to some of the edges and there are 2 sets for you to choose from. One that is simpler, just nails and rings….and another that is more ornate and has a jewel piece that travels up on the hand, this being the one that I chose to wear in this set. PLUS, his nails come with a “reset Hud”…that WORKS! I wear it on ALL my photo shoots, because inevitably I am going to use some pose that is going to make my prim nails fly in the air like butterflies looking for a home! One click on the HUD and my nails are perfect again! The set I am currently wearing comes with 2 choices of earrings, a necklace, a choker, bracelets and shoulder pieces! They are SOOOO pretty. I feel like I have not done the set justice in these pics, so I would encourage everyone to stop by the shop and see the set for themselves, along with ALL the other beautiful sets you will find at WTG.

The shoes in this set are no longer available in world. Sorry. I try not to do that too often, but they were just too pretty to leave sitting in my inventory…:)

The poses used in this set are from PNP, their Greta line. I wanted some “pin-up” “Calendar Girl” type poses and they had several to choose from. They are REALLY nice creators and quite generous. Not only do they give out great group gifts, it is not unusual for Spishak Sorbet (one half of PNP…the other half being AnneMarit Jarvinen) to just start giving out FREE photo studios to anyone following the group chat that asks for one! I immediately went to their store and obtained quite a few of their backdrop sets (although the photo studio came with about….40 backdrops in it). So all the backgrounds you see in this set are from PNP and were used with their photo studio

As usual, I topped this set off with 2 more of my favorites. My lashes are from Redgrave. I love prim lashes and are always looking for fun, new ones…so if anyone knows where I can get some cute ones, let me know! My eyes are from Fashism. The last few weeks you have heard me go on and on about HOW much I LOVE Fashism eyes. SO I will not spend too much time tell you how AMAZING they are….AGAIN, BUT he has come out with 3 new colors! And I am going to HAVE to get down there to get a few of them! There are just no other eyes that tickle my fancy!

All of this would not be complete without me telling you a little secret I used on this weeks photos. Remember I told you that PNP has great group gifts?…And gives free stuff away randomly??? Well….one of the benefits of being a group member is that they will post tutorials from their staff on Youtube and tell you about it so that you can take advantage of them! And boy I did! This tutorial was from Grizel Halberstadt and can be found here. It saved me TONS of time and showed me how to get the soft hazy look that I was looking for and did not know how to get. I was really impressed with it and SO glad that it was shared with me. I will be using the techniques I learned in it for MANY SL years to come! THANK YOU Griz! You did an AMAZING job and I am truly looking forward to more! I hope you are pleased with my pictures…they have “YOU” all over them….:

That is it for this week! I have NOOOOO idea what I am going to do for “Jazzberry”…so…we will see which way the 52WOCC winds will drive me this week!

Until then….be challenged


Lingerie:siss boom
Skin: *YS&YS* Megan 13 Impero
Hair:  (Dernier Cri) Taylor
Jewelry and Nails: +:+WTG+:+ **Myth** bangle,ear pierce II,necklace,#1nail with ring, and shoulder pieces
Eyelashes: *REDGRAVE*-37- Extended
Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Lagoon (L)
Poses: PNP – Greta
Backdrops: PNP

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