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Most of the time this….this being actually writing the blog, can be the hardest part of all. “Melon” was not something that came together really easily to begin with…and when I saw that Apricot was the color for next weeks challenge I literally felt my heart sink. Apricot is just like Melon 2 but lighter…kinda like the Bud light of the challenge….Oh my. Although I DO have a few ideas in my head. I am just not really sure it is apricot, but I am hoping with the right lighting, I can fake it!

When I saw the color swatch that Luna posted for “melon” last week I was immediately taken back to my childhood once again and my box of crayola crayons! If you have not figured it out yet, my box of crayons and I were REALLY close! And when I pulled out “melon” for some reason I always wanted to pair it with purple. I know that sounds crazy…but I LOVED that color combination.  My Barbie color book was full of melon and purple combinations and I was always happy with them! So when I pulled this outfit out of my inventory from Pixel Dolls I was immediately drawn to the melon in the top mixed in with LOTS of colors to compliment it. I know it is not something that will just make you say….”WOW!!!! MELON”. I know it is kinda mixed in with all the other color and you kinda have to look for it. But I liked it…and it was the only thing I could find that had melon in it and with which I was happy! SO I hope you are pleased and if you squint your eyes and turn your head just right, you will see the melon in it too!…:)

This week’s skin is from Essences and is one of the skins she offered a few weeks back on sale for her anniversary and the opening of her new store. Be sure and check it out! I was especially pleased with the green eye make up on this skin, but as is usually the case, while I LOVED the eyes…I wanted a lip color that was just a LITTLE more “melon-y” and so I found this one from Dulce Secrets in my inventory and was really pleased with it. It was not too matte but not too glossy….just right!  Dulce Secrets also has her own line of skins, makeups and eyes.  They are really lovely and I have many of them in my inventory!

Most of you that follow my blog know that I model hair for Alli and Ali...and so you see a LOT of it on here. But this particular piece is just one of my favorites of any hair designer out there. It is just right for that relaxed, casual “I am just naturally this beautiful” look that I wanted for this dress. If it is not already in your inventory it would make a nice addition!

I have just recently discovered PRIMALOT and LOVE this set from them. It comes with earrings, necklace (in a short and long length), bracelet and a color change menu that I love. The NC included in the set states that this is a revised version of a previous release and I did not see the prior release, but this one is REALlY nice! The color of the stones LOOK like real stones and there are some really unusual colors in there! I was certain I would not find anything even remotely melon in there, but then I came across this color and it was perfect! I love the natural feel and look of the jewelry and it reminds me of something that I might find in some expensive little boutique in RL.

Shoes for this week are from Baby Monkey and I have decided to put a small close up shot of each pair of shoes that I wear in my post so that they can be better viewed. It seems like no matter how hard I try….or how many shots I take making sure that shoes can be seen…they are nothing more than a colored blob at the end of my foot. And I know that if you girls are like I am, the shoes are IMPORTANT! So I want to make sure that you get a good look at them. These shoes from Baby Monkey come in several different colors and have a drop down menu for skin and nail color along with anklet and toe ring metals, as well as an invisible option for the jewelry. I thought they were perfect for my melon gypsy—-(WTH is a melon gypsy???)

Nails this week are once again from Logo & Kin. They have several different sets to choose from, if you look at the closeup pics I took for this set you can see the little hearts and gemstones on these nails. Each of these is color change along with a MULTITUDE of nail colors and french tips. The set up for the nails take a little bit to get used to, but there are detailed instructions and once you get them set up, you will be SOOOO happy to have them in your inventory! I LOVE the set from them that has roses on it. And there are several others that you just have to go see.

Lashes were of course, from Redgrave and eyes are from Fashism. That seems to be all I ever wear anymore, but why mess with perfection, right?  If you have not already done so, stop by Fashism and get a few pairs of eyes from his new collections, they are…as always, beautiful!

Poses this week are from PNP. If you are not familiar with their shop, not only do they have some really nice poses, they also have a multitude of backdrops for you to use in your own personal studio! Check them out…I know of a little blogger that is considering using them to see if she might like to have a few of them to create a certain mood!

Locations are always difficult for me to come up with and I have to admit MOST of the time my location choices come from the “Avatars in Motion” website.  It is really invaluable for those of us looking for cool places in SL to take pics.  I found Cafe Adrastea from their website. It is a nice, quiet little spot with several different areas to explore. I was really pleased with some of the shots I got there. And I thought the colors of the location were just what a melon gypsy needed to….do whatever it is that melon gypsy’s do….LOL? (Hey…V’s suggestion to me was to type in melon and sex into google and see what I could come up with to write about! Be glad I decided on melon gypsy!….She DOES look gypsy-esque, no????)

Until next week….be challenged!


Top: (PixelDolls) Tiffany Fleur . umber . Shirt
Skirt: (PixelDolls) Tiffany Scales . gold . Skirt
Lip Gloss: ::DS:: Delicate Lips 3
Nails: Logo & Kin
Hair: A&A Taylor Hair Chocolate
Shoes: BM Ultimate Perdita – Copper
Eyelashes:*REDGRAVE*-37- Extended
Poses: PNP –  Poses Sammie and Emily
Jewelry: PRIMALOT ‘Gravitation annulee 2.0′
Skin: ~Essences ~Alma 08 / nougat
EYES: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Celtic Green (L)
Location: Cafe Andrastea

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  1. V August 3, 2011

    While I think a melon gypsy is something like a homeless melon going from place to place until it bursts, it may actually be more related to lemon curry.

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