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Patriarch is one of those colors that immediately conjures up pictures of royalty in your head and as much as I did NOT want to wear a gown this week, I just could not find anything in my inventory that said “Patriarch AND Royalty” that was NOT a gown. So I ended up putting together TWO looks for patriarch. The first look was quite acceptable. But the closer I came to actually shooting pictures of the gown…the more I wanted something else. And so I continued to rummage through my TERRIBLY unorganized inventory in search of the perfect patriarch.

Quite a LONG time ago, I came across a gown…I am not even sure if I found it in a hunt or if it was on sale or what, but I remember every time I would try it on I would think “WOW! That is exceptional. I just need the right occasion to wear that. And it would always be this gown from LVS&Co. It has lovely wings that look as thought they are kind of made of wood perhaps, trimmed with purple gems that match the ones found in the tiara.   There is sheer, gossamer fabric suspended between the “framework” and here and there are ribbons or thread hanging from them.  V says my “wings” remind him of antlers, so maybe it was a Christmas sale offer although the gown is called an “Autumn FaeRoyal”? But I think that the wings look like dream catchers…so I am going to believe that she is a dream catcher fairy that hangs sweet dreams from her wings to bestow on those that need quiet, peaceful sleep. It is certainly a gown worthy of the 52 WOCC….:) The wings are included with the gown, as is the matching tiara.

This is the second time in the last few weeks that I have worn a skin from YS&YS. I must admit, I am kinda lovin them! The lips are SO pretty. I do not have the “mega” lips that so many choose to have in SL. (and if you do…I apologize, no offense intended) But I often have trouble finding a skin with lips that are luscious while not being too large for my face. The YS&YS lips seem to fit just right and are textured SO well along with soft, glowy eye makeup!

A beautiful autumn, royal, reindeer, dreamcatcher, fairy cannot have just ANY old hair on her head! This was a hair that I found in my inventory from Tiny Bird. It is just lovely and was perfect for this outfit. Unfortunately, Tiny Bird is no longer in Second Life, although a few items can be found on the marketplace, but hair was not one of them….:( It is always so sad to see a talented creator fold up shop…for whatever reason. We need to support the designers we love and give them a reason to stay in SL!

The jewelry this week is a new release from Finesmith Designs called “Hara”. Hara comes in a necklace, earrings and matching arm cuff as opposed to the traditional bracelet. The NoteCard that came with the set said that “Hara” means necklace in Hindi and this is a traditional set with wood, beads and turquoise. As you can see, it is elegant enough for any wood nymph fairy out there!…;) Yula Finesmith always amazes me with the many different paths her creativity takes. Just about the time you think you have her all figured out, she will come out with something new and different from anything else she has done. LOOOOOOVE the Hara…and the Neta Earrings and the “Wild” set, each of them giving us a feeling of wood and nature. Yula not only does all the AMAZING jewelry and wallets and nails, but she has also done a set of lashes and I pull them out when I want an extra special look.  They are more than just lashes as they have tiny diamonds strewn along the top brow areas, making them fit for any princess!

As I was strolling through my weekly sale ads and listening to the background chatter from my Fab Free group, one of the members announced a brown PACK of shoes, free from Mimi’s Boutique. I had never been there, but a PACK of free shoes could not be passed up, so I put on some clothes and off I went. Mimi’s is a small shop, but her prices are reasonable and her clothing and shoes are really cute so….she may not be small for long! The Brown PACK was indeed a PACK of 3 colors and each color is REALLY cute. I thought they would look good with my forest fairy look as they have a natural, yet high class feel. Here’s a tiny pic….just so you can see!

Nails this week are from Logo and Kin. The shape of their nail always fits my hands perfectly and I LOVE the selection of colors and french nail tips that their drop down menu offer. They have always been once of my faaaaaaavorite standby nails!

And not to be forgotten are eyes. These eyes are from Fashism. If you have not been by Fashism you are missing out. Everytime I see a picture and the eyes just “speak” to me, they are from Fashism. I wear little else anymore.

Poses this week come from a store that is new to me, called Avante. They are oriented toward the virtual world model and have EXCELENT modeling poses for both male and female, although I DID see one set that was made for furries.  They feature a nice, slow movement which elegantly transitions your avi into the next pose…GREAT for runway modeling. They have just moved into a new shop, so excuse their mess, while they straighten up, but stop by and see what you think! The top floor is FULL of older poses that are just 10L each and REALLY nice model poses!  Not too far from the store is the Avante modeling agency, so if you are looking to make modeling your career, Avante could be a perfect fit.

This weeks’ location was: A Long Forgotten Garden. The Garden is rather small, but is an excellent location for taking pics.  I got several really nice shots.  It is nice and quiet and even has several different areas to explore.

One last side note before closing: I would like to say a special thanks to Firestorm for making a viewer that allows me to copy what I am wearing to my clipboard, making my styling notes SOOOO much easier AND more detailed! Firestorm is not my fav SL viewer, but I must admit that they have placed a mark in the “For” column with this fine detail. I am hoping some of the other viewers will follow suit and realize that there IS a market out there for those of us in the blogging community.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and read my blog. I am already feeling REALLY nervous about next weeks challenge: Melon. Oh my….SURELY with almost 43K items in my inventory there HAS to be something with melon in it…:/ Or maybe I will just eat something with melon in it…will that count???….<sighs>

Until next week….be challenged!

Gown: LVS&co-AutumnFaeRoyal-Amethyst gown
Lashes: *FS* Lorin EYELASHES
Jewelry: Finesmith Hara cuff, earring, necklace
Nails: Logo & Kin ::. Square Tip Prim Nails
Shoes: Mimi’s Risque Heel – CHOCOLATE
Hair: Tiny Bird – Postcards from Italy – Deep Brown
Skin:*YS & YS* Sole Reborn
EYES: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Rising Sun (L)
Poses: Avante
Location: A Long Forgotten Garden

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    • El July 29, 2011

      I am so glad you are pleased. It is TRULY a beautiful gown and I am so glad I finally got to wear it! Thanks so much.

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