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52WOCC – Celadon

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This week’s color, Celadon, falls into the green tones that I love so much. You would think that I would have TONS of it in my inventory…and yet…most of the stuff I seem to tuck away in there is black, white or some neutral shade between with a smattering of red thrown in for good measure. So I was really happy to find this simple little short set (with a matching men’s outfit, but I knew better than to ask V to wear a matching Celadon shirt…LOL) from Nadas as a group gift.

Nadas is one of those stores that I ran across when I was just a itty bitty baby avi…and have loved ever since. It has some really sexy clothing at really affordable prices and always has a sale, a MM board, a group gift and/or a freebie somewhere! Anytime that I have had to deal with the creator and owner…Nada Daviau…she has always been quick to reply and very helpful and understanding!

The 60L weekend sales are among some of my FAVORITE sales of the week. (Along with the 55L Thursday sales!!) They have a huge assortment of diverse items…and all for 60L on the weekend! During one of weekends that I was looking through the sales items, I had the good fortune to come across an adorable “Hope chest” with 9 sit/ lay poses from Michigan’s Shack. SO I had to scoop it up for placement in my new house! And when I did, I received a “thank you” gift from Michigan’s Shack the following week! And it was a really NICE little gift of a “lantern tree” that I placed outside of the new house. I have never bought anything from anyone in SL that would cause them to send me a NICE welcome gift! And the item I bought was on SALE even! I was really impressed with the generosity I received from them and according to the NC that came with the gift, this is something they do with all their customers! SO….this may have been my first purchase from them, but it will not be the last! You should check them out too! And their LOVELY little hope chest just became the first piece of furniture in my new house.

Did I mention my new house??? <giggles> I have LOVED every house that Vanish and I have lived in, but I have always wanted a Victorian house to decorate—just for fun. So Vanish ran across this home in Open Sim and snatched it up for placement on his Open Sim Creations website. It is Creative Commons licensed, so anyone can download it and put it in any virtual world they please. It also comes with several different “Wallpapers” that are also available on the OSC website. Please be aware that if you decide to download the house and/or wallpapers from the OSC site to any virtual world, you will need to know some basic building skills to set up the house and will be responsible for the texture fees for the house (if they charge for textures in your favorite virtual world). BUT….if you are in SL…you are welcome to stop by the house and take a copy of it….FREE OF CHARGE….yes…I said FREE! (Just right click on the house and “take copy” and it should be added to your inventory.)  It is full perm, so you can modify and/or play with it anyway that you like. It should set up just like I have it now with the exception of the doors. The doors (there are 4 of them….2 on each level, front and back) have to be copied (and taken) separately, as they are not attached to the house. They are “phantom” doors. They do not open nor close. But you may feel free to put any door into the house you like, if you do not like those. There are no doors inside the house either, but you may add those as well. It is yours to do with, as you please…:) I have my house…now I just have to find the time to decorate it! (Special thanks to the love of my life, for importing it and setting it up, not only me…but for everyone to enjoy! I am truly a lucky woman to have you in my life, love. You make everything I do SO much better!)

The skin that I wore this week came from YS & YS and can be found at “The Dressing Room”. It is SUCH a pretty skin with green and blue tones in the eyeshadows (as best as my color blind eyes can see)…and the lips are such a pretty shade of pink, really soft and sensual. The texturing on the face is really exceptional!  It is truly a lovely skin!  You should stop by The Dressing Room and snatch it up while you can get it at this price. (I think it was 70L) If you are not familiar with “The Dressing Room” and “The Dressing Room Blue”, they are both shops that feature items from some of the most well known and best designers in SL at a GREATLY reduced price. The items change about every 14 days, so it is a good idea to check in every couple of weeks and grab some of the great stuff they have to offer!

Hair this week came from Elikatira. There is just something about her wispy tendrils and flowing locks that make you look at someones hair and just KNOW…it is a Elikatira design! And after I thought about it, I had worn this hair in an earlier shot for the 52WOCC. I guess there is just something about it that I love! The headband is color change and the way it drapes around the face and raises up slightly higher in the back, is just lovely! It gives you the feeling of casual and elegant all at the same time.

After I found the basic outfit that I wanted for “Celadon” the rest just seemed to fall in place seamlessly. As usual, my favorite store to go to for everyday jewelry is Ear Candy…and her adorable little “Turtle” set fit the bill perfectly. The set comes in “rustic” and “metal” and each set has necklace, earrings, bracelet and an adorable cuff. The creator of Ear Candy not only makes wonderful jewelry, but also makes cute, CUTE things for the home…and now that all of you have a brand new Victorian house to decorate, guess where you need to go to furnish it???….that’s right….Ear Candy.

On the Fourth of July, I had the good fortune to run into a wonderful young lady that for some reason I have not yet figured out, decided to bless me with several pair of PRECIOUS little flats from Lassitude and Ennui. I had HEARD of the store and think I had been by there once to buy a pair of Victorian style boots. But I had forgotten all about them, until Lyla brought them to my attention once again. These little scultped flats are SO cute and really nice when you want a “ballet flat” that is NOT a ballet flat. I have GOBS of ballet flats, but these are sculpted to be slightly different with a pointed toe and squared back and are PERFECT for all your summer needs. I have chosen to wear the silver pair here…and they were just what I needed to complete the look…thank you Lyla! (BTW….took a look at their other stuff….OMG….so so SOOOOO cute Lyla!  Look what you have done to me!  I TOLD you I have a BUDGET to stick to!!!…..LOL)

Nails with accompanying rings are from Finesmith Designs. Lashes are from Redgrave (of course) and I cannot let it go without saying that eyes are from Fashism. I LOVE Fashism eyes. There is just something about them that photographs SO well and they look SO real…it IS almost as though you can see straight through to my Avie soul!….hahaha.

So there you have Celadon! I hope you enjoy the house and have a wonderful week as we all gear up for next weeks challenge…..Lemon! Until then….be challenged.



Outfit: Nadas
Skin: YS & YS ( from The Dressing Room)
Hair: Elikatira
Jewelry: Ear Candy
Shoes: Lassitude and Ennui
Nails (rings included): Finesmith Designs
Lashes: Redgrave
Eyes: Fashism
Hope Chest: Michigan’s Shack
Free Victorian house: (To copy in SL) (To Download from website)

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