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Electric blue – SEXY SEXY SEXY!!!!

Posted By on July 6, 2011 in 52 weeks of color, All | 2 comments

Vanish told me I HAD to write something “sexy” to go with these pics. So there it is….right in the title…it can’t be missed. (Ducks as she hides from Vanish and waits for his lecture about how THAT was not what he was talking about!) It has been my experience that when someone SHOUTS about how sexy they are…or how “hot” an item is, most of the time it is not. The things that are truly sexy don’t need to advertise their wares. So, perhaps I am not as sexy I as I thought I was, but I sure FELT sexy when I was wearing the outfit and taking the pics. And while I KNOW what Vanish meant and WANTED me to write, I think I must beg his forgiveness yet again and go off topic a bit.

A few weeks back I went into ::VMC:: and pretty much bought everything they had in the store at the time. Every article of clothing there is 20 L or so….so it is NOT going to break you. They have some adorable items and some really sexy ones too. I even bought 2 different colors of this extended corset. It comes with pasties…and I remember looking at it and thinking I would probably never have the guts to wear it, but I bought 2 nonetheless.

Finesmith Designs is more than just your “normal” jewelers. They come out with some items that by all rights and reasons could be called “outfits”. They are SO unusual and really beautiful and I want to wear them, but I keep getting the feeling that I would never wear that. And deep in the back of my mind I hear a distant voice whispering….”Why???”

Most of you that know anything about Vanish and I know that I was raised American, while Vanish was raised European and I made the trip half way around the world to come and live with the man that holds my soul. There have been MANY things here that surprise me on a daily basis…and many, many things to get used to. One of those things is the European difference in the way they see nudity….and sex as a whole. Things are much more “free” and that does NOT mean “free” in the way that most Americans think of  when they hear “free” and “sex” in the same paragraph. It is nothing like that. But people are just much more relaxed about something that IS a part of our daily lives and that brings us utmost pleasure on a consistent basis.

And that is just the way it is viewed. All of us have a body and sometimes it is nude. Most of the time there is someone of the opposite sex that appreciates that. (And yes, women! You get to get in on this too! It is OK to like the male body….or the female one for that matter!) And on occasion, we use those bodies to bring us great pleasure. It is normal. It is natural. You do NOT HAVE to feel wrong or dirty about that. IT IS OK!

A couple of weeks ago I wore a darling little outfit from Azoury’s that featured a see through top. It was really hard for me to get past that. But once I did, it WAS quite liberating. And so this week when “Electric Blue” was the color challenge, the first thing that came to my mind was this “outfit” from ::VMC:: and a WAY to FINALLY wear some of that Finesmith jewelry that always intrigues me! SO I chose this “Inspiration” from Finesmith called “Leandra”. It also comes with a matching skirt and hairpiece but for the look this week I only wore the neck piece, the head piece, the lip flower and nipple shields. The head piece DOES follow the natural curve of the head and is somewhat hidden in the hair that I chose to wear this week, but “Leandra” comes with a special modified “mohawk” type hair that does not cover up the head piece.What I especially loved about these pieces is that they all have a color change menu, allowing you to mix and match the colors as you please! I also wore Finesmith nails (with rings, of course). They too are menu driven for color change.  What more could a girl want?

It is not often that I choose to wear hair other than some shade of the traditional palette, but I felt like this look could handle it. I needed something that could handle the “other worldly” look I was creating.  I knew it had to be hair from Creatives! Hair…in pink, no less!. This hair style is long but pulled back away from the face by 3 color change hairbands. Each one can be changed individually and the hair comes in TONS of colors.

It took me a while before finally settling on this skin by Apple May Designs called Gaia. I had worn LOTS of color all around my face, so I needed something that would make me look exotic without too much color. This fit the bill!

I also wore a lip gloss by M.O.C.K., they have the very BEST lip colors in SL with some lip packs including several different “Styles” of the same color…allowing you to find a tattoo lip color that will really cover your lips! YAY!

I was really nervous about trying to find shoes that would match my “dress”…I was fairly certain I had NOTHING that color as far as footwear went…and then I remembered a few weeks ago I received a sale notice from Toxic for shoes named “Rainbow Brite”! Who didn’t love Rainbow Brite as a kid?….All those colors!!! And that is just what these sandals were….loads and loads of color! I had to snatch them up, knowing that they would come in handy for that “special” outfit….and they did…:))

Whose eyes could stand up to such an outfit without looking lost in all that color?  Fashism, of course!  They are the best in SL!  And I framed them with lashes were by Redgrave.

Poses this week are by: Diesel Works, Lost World, Juxtapose, and POSEbility. Be sure to see my flickr photostream for a pic of all the poses!

Lastly, I wanted a place that was pretty much void of color for my shots. I KNOW I could have photoshopped out any color I wanted, but I remembered a place I had been once, called China, China that had very little color in it…mostly neutrals and some blues. SO it became the perfect backdrop for my very colorful outfit!

I hope you enjoyed Electric Blue as much as I did. And if you find it “sexy”… that is ok too. I MAY at some point in the future give Vanish that “sexy” article that he is wanting, but I am not sure a semi “fashion blog” is where it needs to be. After all..we are talking about wearing CLOTHES….not taking them off. But someday, don’t be surprised if you find a hot and steamy short story tucked away in some of the written pages of TGIB….and who knows…I MAY even have some pictures to go with it. TGIB IS an adult blog after all, as Vanish is all too quick to remind me. So who knows what direction this all may take? All I know is that once the RL me gets it all figured out, El will not be far behind and I hope you will come along for the ride.

Next weeks color challenge is Celadon. SO until next week….be challenged.


“Dress”: ::VMC::
All jewelry and nails: Finesmith Design
Hair: Creatives! Hair
Skin: Apple May Design
Lip Gloss: M.O.C.K.
Shoes: Toxic
Eyes: Fashism
Lashes: Redgrave
Poses:Diesel Works, Lost World, Juxtapose, and POSEbility
Location: China, China



  1. Ayako Firecaster July 10, 2011

    Hot damn that is sexy!

    • El July 10, 2011

      It was lots of fun! Now…I will have to see what I can come up with next….LOL

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