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Happy Days

Posted By on October 22, 2010 in All, Tracked Daily | 0 comments

My most precious husband,

It feel so good to be able to write you and let you know how much I love you. It seems that all our time …well..all our “spare” time is spent together and so I seldom have an opportunity to write to you…and it is SO hard for me to say all the things that are rolling around inside my head.

For some reason I keep thinking of the other morning when we were in the kitchen….just holding each other…you in your suit. You look SO handsome in your suit. And I could feel you close to me, holding me…as I run my hands through your hair. I can still remember the way it felt as my fingertips ran across it. I can still smell your cologne as I buried my nose in your neck. And I still remember the way your soft lips felt on mine as your tongue gently parted my lips….allowing me to taste you…and breath you in. I was truly enraptured in that moment…barely able to breath…thinking that “I must be in heaven”!

You will never know how much those moments mean to me, love. Even tonight when the lights went out…and you came over and gently took my head in your hands to tenderly kiss me….those things are burned into my memory forever. The way you look at me when I tell you that YES…I am happy…and I can see your eyes look deep into mine and know that it is good.

I wish that you did not have to work so hard for us to have a good life. I wish that you did not have to take on the burdens of those you have to work with…and as tough as you try to be…I KNOW that it bothers you sometimes….I wish that I did not struggle with my health. I wish that EVERY day I was healthy and pain free. There are many things that I wish were different and that could be changed. But I am SOOOOO grateful for every moment that we have together. I am grateful for the life we have. I am thankful for each cup of coffee that we have together. I am blessed. I am blessed…and I am happy.

May we have many, many more happy days of Twin Peaks and zombie killing together…immer, love….immer.

Your beloved wife…..D

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