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For the Truth…the Beauty…and the Equal.

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Good morning, love! It feels good to be able to write you and know that you will read it first thing in the morning! Although I worry about you working like that! You KNOW it concerns me! One of these days you will wake up and be OLD…and then you will wish you had not driven yourself so hard!

Have I told you lately, how much I love you? You mean the world to me, love! I am SO grateful to have this time with you. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be here at this time in my life. I had to look back at the logs and see just where I WAS a year ago today…funny thing is…I remember this scene SOOOO vividly…just like it was yesterday. I have written about being claimed before…and of course, it was in a virtual sense. Well….here I am. I am here. I am with you. Will you claim me now? You STILL have my permission…

[2009/10/01 11:55] El: Where to, my dear husband?

V smiles.

V: Hmmm. Do you have an idea?

El: Jenner???

V: Mmh, okay.

El: Hello my prince!

V kisses her softly.

V: Welcome home, my lovely wife.

El: It is SO pretty here in the evening!

V: Yes, very!

V kisses her softly.

El: Should we lay down?

V: Like taking a bath?

El: YES!

V laughs. Okay. You made this so beautiful.

El smiles… taking off her outer shirt

V takes her gently in his arms…

El: mmm

V: …placing his lips on hers…softly…touching them…arching her slightly back…

El slips her top off…looking at him.

V: God, you are beautiful.

El smiles… She reaches down and slips off her shoes

V watches her undress…

El looks at him smiling as she starts to unbutton her pants… slowly … slipping them down her hips… letting them fall to the floor.

V: Uhh.

El smiles

V watches her…finding his mark on her hips…smiling…kissing her again…

El kisses him softly, whispering

El: Yes V… I AM yours.

V smiles.

El: You have marked me!

V: You’re not my possession, though. It’s just…nice…to see it.

El kisses his ear.

El: I have no problem being your possession, love.  No one has ever wanted to possess me before.

V smiles.

El: Please don’t deny me that.

El kisses him.

V: You’re right.  I just believe that…

El helps him take his shirt off.

V: ….everyone belongs to themselves…and…nobody can CLAIM anyone…whatever…we do, we do willingly..because we want to….

El: May I…give you permission to claim me?

V smiles.

V: Do you offer yourself completely?


V: Fully and without restrictions?

El: TOTALLY…Wholly…NO restrictions.

V: Then I claim you as mine.

El kisses him passionately.

V holds her tight.

El: I AM yours V..ALL of me!

V smiles.

V: You are right.

El feels the fire warming her bare skin… her face starting to flush.

V: And I WANT that.  I WANT it to be like that.

El: It is what I want to!  Please don’t deny me that, love!

V: I don’t.

El kisses him.

V: I just want you to do it of your own will.

V: Free…and strong.

El looks at him in the eyes.

El: I give myself to YOU… free..and of my own will.

El kneels before him.

El: I am yours.

V: I take you as mine.

El looks up to him imploring.

V: For the truth…the beauty…and the equal.

It is amazing, love…how much a year can change things…and yet how they remain the same. I know in our “virtual lives” we said and did many things…and while I do not look like El…and there may be some things that I cannot do that she does…there was NOTHING that she said or shared that I did not mean. I am often surprised at how many people think that what we had in SL was/is just so much BS. But it was NOT and IS not BS to me, love.  Every word was true and correct…and meant. I GLADLY offer myself to you…to be yours…to be claimed…if you will have me…for as long as I live, love…and beyond.


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