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My precious husband,

There seem to be SO many things going on right now that it is sometimes hard for me to keep track of them!  SOOOO much to learn…and see…and do!  There are many things that go on that are much to personal to share here…and yet they need to be shared…and since I do SOOOO poorly at telling you what is going on inside me, I fear there may be times that I will need to write a “personal TD”.  I hope there will not be too many of those times, but today is one of them…and so…you may check your email for your first “PTD”….<giggles>

I hope you know how much I love you…and how much you mean to me.  Please know…that every word….every gesture is not wasted.  I will never forget standing in the garden pathway in the dark, enveloped in your arms, your coat around me…as I lay my head on your chest and listen to you tell me how much you love me.  I will always remember you looking at me from the sofa and thanking me for loving you the only way I can…the only way that feels right.  And I will never forget you looking at me, with no makeup, my hair still wet, in my old robe and gown and telling me how beautiful I am.

I HEAR you, love….please…never stop talking to me.  I NEED those things.  And even though I may not say a word about them at the time…they are ALL gently tucked away inside me…and they grow there.

I am eternally yours, love……D

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