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Jazzberry and Becoming a “BIG Girl” Blogger!

Posted By on August 25, 2011 in 52 weeks of color, All |


Yes, it is true! With this post (hopefully) I will officially be a “Big Girl “Blogger!

About a year ago my precious partner, Vanish came to me and suggested that I start blogging about fashion. He seemed to think that I had a good eye for putting things together and he KNEW that I was always scavenging the grid, looking for a good sale or the best bargain. He felt like I should share with the world the tips and tricks I had learned on dressing and hunting for bargains. But I was not so sure. I felt like there were enough fashion bloggers out there. And so I considered writing a one time blog post on general fashion tips (like the importance of knowing how to re-size your belt, so it actually fits….or how to remove the bling from your shoes or earrings) and how to find, what I considered to be the BEST sales in SL. But I could never bring myself to do it. I always felt like what I had to say really did not matter that much and that no one really needed or wanted that information. Most of all, I hoped that V would forget about it and find some other cause to champion. But Vanish is not the type to forget something once he has given it attention and so he would quietly and patiently wait…choosing to bring it up every month or so…and watch me wiggle my way out of it, yet once again.

Finally, after bringing it up once more, I pressured him to go a little further and tell me WHY he wanted me to do this so badly. And the only thing he said was “I just want you to do it so you will see what happens!” At that point it almost became a challenge. I did not press him further for any more answers. I was not sure that there were any more, but in my mind it became one of those magical events that chain letters are made of! “Just begin blogging…and see what will happen! If you tell the SL readers of your blog your magical tips and tricks, small children in Ethiopia will no longer starve! And that war thing…it will all but be gone. Only traces of styling tips and bargain basements will be left in it’s wake. Go on…I DARE you…just DO IT and see what happens! But if you DARE defy this request…then you shall die in 7 days!

I had mulled the idea over and over in my head and felt like a one time post would not be enough to share my “vast” amount of knowledge, but I was no fool….and knew that I did not know enough to sustain a weekly blog. And so I remained in this blogpost pergatory WAITING for something GLORIOUS to snatch me out of it. And it happened! I was checking out the specials at one of my FAVORITE designers (Siss-Boom) and stumbled upon a notecard regarding the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge. And after I read it I KNEW I wanted to do it, but I was still not certain about the blogging thing. I still felt like I had nothing to share. But once I finished my first entry, I was hooked. How hard could it be to write a few lines and tell people “who” you are wearing, right?

And so….here I am almost a year later. I have gone from barely knowing how to upload my pictures to Flickr…to having my blog be a part of Virtual Fashion Feed! That’s RIGHT! My blog has been syndicated! I am a big girl blogger now! Well…kinda. There are a few more feeds I would like to be a part of and a few other things that I have in the works, that I have a feeling will “grow me up” mighty quick.

So to those of you reading my blog for the first time on Virtual Fashion Feed…WELCOME! And for those of you that have been readers all long <whispers in their ears> I have a lot of new and exciting things I want to share with you in the next couple of months….so don’t be running off!!! (And oh yeah….that dying in 7 days thing is NEVER the truth!)

And now for Fashion!!!!

Jazzberry almost kicked my color challenged butt! And then I got an ad for new dresses from VMC.  I just had to go check them out and gobble a few up (for 10-20 L each how can you resist??). And this one came in a shade of pink that made me say “Jazzberry”! It was simple and sexy and just what I needed!

Once I found this cute little dress, I wanted a skin that was dark and smokin’. So this one called “Sade” from Bare Sensual was just right. The cleavage was just what I wanted for this low cut number and the upturned eyeliner gave it the exotic feel I was looking for.

The only thing that needed tweaking (as is SO often the case) was lip color. Where else would I turn but to M.O.C.K.? Her lip colors are just the BEST as far as I am concerned. Mocksoup has just opened a new main store and have some luscious new lip and eye colors that I am just going to HAVE to try! If you have not been by her store, it is a MUST for your makeup inventory section!

Shoes for this hot little number are from Baby Monkey and are “Aalaya” in Black. They have a beautiful gold zipper that runs up the front, topped off with a sweet little gold heart and matching gold clips that run up both sides. Aalaya comes in MANY different colors including a “Multi brights” color that will match almost any bold outfit you can come up with this summer!

I wanted some kind of cute little ponytail to go with this dress and found just what I wanted from Creatives! Sharon Lupindo, designer and creator of Creatives!, has been working her creative little tail off and has come out with SEVERAL new color combinations for some of her hair do’s along with several sets of the multiple face piercings that are all the rage right now! Her hair is definitely cutting edge and is the place to go when you are looking for something urban, edgy and/or futuristic.

Nails and jewelry this week are from Finesmith Designs! They have a new store!!!!! It is roomy and chic…just like Finesmith! And there is a new group gift OUTFIT out on the center counter along with their August group gift, a cute little pearl and bow necklace with matching earrings. And if I know Yula Finesmith, there will be plenty of more group gifts to come with some amazing new designs in the works!

Topping off the outfit are some CUTE little black and diamond sunglasses from ChiChickie! They TOO have a new store and these glasses were a gift…and are still sitting out on the counter, but not sure how long that will last. So RUN and grab them while you still can.

And if you look behind those glasses you will see the prettiest little set of “Verdigris” Eyes you have ever seen from Fashism.

The backgrounds featured this week are from PNP as are the “Daria” poses. If you have not met AnneMarit and Spishak, the owners of PNP then you are missing out. Not only are they wonderfully talented, they are extremely nice…and REALLY generous! You never know what Spish might be giving away for FREE to the group members online following PNP chat….so check it out and allot it one of your coveted group slots! It is well worth it

And that is it until next time when the color will be Chartreuse. (YESSSSSSSSSS! I know I am behind and hope to catch up this week!)

Until then….be challenged!

Dress (including stockings): ::VMC:: – Mini Dress Tyta – Pink
Lipcolor: M.O.C.K Cosmetics – Camelot Lip Gel
Shoes: Baby Monkey – Ultimate Aalaya Black*
Glasses: ChiChickie! – Rhinestone Sunglasses – GIFT – Black & Silver
Hair: creatives! hair – .: ukkie hazel :.*
Jewelry and nails: Finesmith Designs – Fearless Blossom Bracelet,earrings,necklace – Finesmith Nails 20 Solid black*
Skin: Bare Sensual – Sade Bare dark Beauty
Eyes: FASHISM – ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Verdigris (L)
Backgounds and Daria Poses: PNP*

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